New Year's Special Tango Show in Buenos Aires

Pasar a español show de tango de Año Nuevo en Buenos Aires
The night of New Year's Festivities is such a special night, so the Tango Houses prepare a unique special event for the year. The menu and the wines upgrades to delicious VIP with champagne and extra patisserie at New Year’s toast. After the show, the public remains and the dance party starts!

Some of the Tango Shows even prepare fancy dresses parties and special performances.


On Christmas most of the Tango Houses close their doors, but there is one who will be happy to receive you named Piazzolla Tango

Here is a summary of all the shows, you can check detailed information about the menu and the schedule

El Querandi Tango Show:


Price      USD 225           USD 224,90

They include the round transfer, plus A DANCE COSTUMES BELLE EPOQUE STYLE (they deliver accesories for you in advance to the hotel), welcome cocktail with sketches, a mini show of Tango during the VIP dinner, the Classic Tango Show, New Year's toast with a table of sweets, champagne and whisky, and after midnight DJ and Karaoke party

Piazzolla Tango:


Christmas Price              USD 350           USD 244,90
New Year's Eve
USD 400           USD 299,90

Includes free round transfer, free cocktails as welcome, vip dinner wine and champagne included, tango show, New Year's toast, free desserts and cocktails, whisky and champagne during the night party with DJ until 2 am.

El Viejo Almacen Tango Show:

Price      USD 280           USD 279,90

Round transfer included, welcome cocktail, Vip Menu and drinks, New Year's toast, Tango Show and night party with DJ and cotillion.

Tango Porteño:


Price      USD 400           USD 399,90

Free round transfer included, welcome hot appetizers with champagne and free drinks, vip menu upgraded wine and champagne included, Tango Show, New Year's toast, table with Christmas desserts and delicious cakes, free Champagne and whisky, and party.


Cafe de los Angelitos:

Price      USD 400           USD 399,90

Includes round transfer from hotels, VIP cocktail, Gala dinner with upgraded menu, wines and champagne Baron B, Show, New Year's toast, variety of desserts and party until 3 am

Rojo Tango:

Price      USD 800           USD 799,90

Includes private round transfer from hotels, VIP cocktail, Gala buffet dinner at the two restaurants of Faena Hotel, surprise shows (and the classic Rojo Tango Show), wines and champagne, Show, New Year's toast, variety of desserts, author's cocktails and DJ party.

Due to the special characteristics of the event, payment must be done in advance and the partial refund is able to be done only until 48 hs before the event (6 pm of Dec 29th). You can do a safe payment via Paypal, just explore the many options and choose your best night in Buenos Aires!