Tango Porteño

Tango Porteno largest Tango show in Buenos Aires special price offer

Rates(Book from here with discount!)
Ticket Show:           USD  49,90*
Dinner Show:             USD   84,90*

Execut Dinner Show: USD 108,90*

VIP Dinner Show:        USD 159,90*

Free Round Transfer from/to downtown, Recoleta and San Telmo hotels
*Get this special rate and free round transfer to the place instead of the standard free round transfer!
Ask terms and conditions. Hurry up! Limited seats!

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

Basic Information:
Schedule: 8.30 pm dinner, 10.10 pm show
Pick up: Free Round Transfer from/to downtown, Recoleta and San Telmo hotels
Duration: 1,30 hours
Payment in: USD, Euro $Arg, Cards
Capacity: 900 seat people
Distance between tables:
Optimum for dinner and show, individual tables
12 musicians on stage
Singers: 2

Tango Porteno largest Tango show in Buenos Aires special price offer

Suggested Menu at Tango Porteño Tango Show:
Traditional Argentine turnovers filled with knife-cut beef.
Small potatoes cream soup and soft Andean baby leeks.
Grilled Angus baby with a side of rustic potatoes.
Pacific Salmon in crispy nuts, saffron risotto.
Assortment of traditional Porteño desserts.

Customer references:
“I never imagined there was such a fantastic show here in Buenos Aires. Food was really great”
Dan Hodgings, Tampa, Usa

“Nice show, we took advantage of the free tango lessons, we got fun and we also dance, we really enjoyed a nice time there, the dinner was excellent!
Madeleine, Los Angeles, Usa

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

Full Menu*

Patagonian prawn tails marinated in soy and sesame oil, served with avocado mousse and fresh tomatoes. Powder black olives.
Traditional Argentine turnovers filled with knife-cut Angus beef, egg and green olives.
Buffala mozzarella rolls stuffed with smoked raw ham, arugula and spicy oil, bouquet of garden leaves and petals of marinated tomato.
Small potatoes cream soup and soft Andean baby leeks, bread croutons and chives field.

Main Courses
Angus Steak grilled-potato rosti, vegetable tian crisp, smooth Cabernet wine sauce.
Grilled Angus baby with a side of rustic potatoes and warm cherry tomatoes sautéed with olive oil and fresh herbs.
Ballotin´s organic chicken breast with arugula and Parmesan cheese with risotto´s saffron and leek soufflé
Grilled pork roulade with crispy rustic potatoes with fresh herbs, warm provolone cheese, cherry´s tomatoes in virgin olive oil.
Pacific Salmon in crispy nuts, saffron risotto vegetable olive.
Italian´s Fetuccinnis with peppers and baby eggplants in soft basil cream and chestnuts.

Assortment of traditional Porteño desserts…
Flan with caramel homemade craft, cheese and sweet trilogy, caramel ice cream on crispy cocoa and orange.
Bittersweet chocolate mousse spicy accompanied by classic rice pudding on praline and caramelized orange zest.
Bavaroise Cafayate Torrontes wine backberry gel and pistachio biscuit base accompanied by caramelized apples with star anise and vanilla.

Included Beverages:
Beer, sodas, mineral water

Some items are included only in Vip Menu

About the place and the show:

Tango Porteño Buenos Aires Tango Show is located just in front of the obelisk, the perfect location in town. With impressive dimensions, Tango Porteño is decorated with a luxury art deco style, and it is terraced to bring a perfect visibility from individual tables. The wide stage allows many scenographies and to an impacting display of music and dancers. placed at a few feet from Corrientes Av, at a few feet from the obelisk and on the 9th of july av, it offers in addition to the dinner, fun free tango lessons.

The show: Taking advantage of the wide stage, the scenographies and the tangueran history goes on between duets of an artistic tango of world class. The show promises and fulfills in provide a really beauty images of dancing couples. The orchestra is the biggest in town and appears shown across and over the stage, allowing to appreciate the play of each and every of the musicians that provides to the band and impacting sound. The power and the sonority of the singers is also something to remark. perfect suggestion of choreographic humor on the line of fine taste of the show. The beautiful compositions of images deserve also a highlight, as groupal dances as on the stage as on the modern and 45 feet high vertical conception.

The free tango lessons at Tango Porteño are in addition to be fun, really useful, the “pupils” starts their first Tango steps.

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

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