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Rates(Book from here with discount!):

Ticket Show:                               USD   39,90* 
Dinner Show: USD  102,90  NOW USD  64,90* 
VIP Show:                                     USD     74,90* 
VIP Dinner Show:                        USD   114,90* 

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Basic Information about Piazzolla Tango:
Schedule: 8.45 pm dinner, 10.15 pm show
Pick up: Free from 8 pm to 8.30 pm
Duration: 1,30 hours
Payment: $Arg, Cards, US$, Euro
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Capacity: 400 seat people
Distance between tables: Optimum for dinner and show.
Orchestra: 7 musicians on stage
Singers: 2
Dancers: 12
Suggested Menu:
Pumpkin soup with croutns and slices of parmesan cheese.
Larded Poultry with green olives, pork bacon, cheese, mustard and  vegetable risotto.
Tasting of Creme Caramel
(orange, milk caramel and chocolate)

Customer references for Piazzolla Tango Show:
“Hi Pablo Thanks for arranging everything - the night was very good  - Susan changed her mind and had the chicken, which was fine!!
We enjoyed the Tango - how do they do that???
If we have any firends visiting BA we'll be sure to put them in touch with you - you were very helpful and supportive.
Neville Cain, London

We were looking for a Tango not tooo touristic, well danced and well sang, we enjoyed a lot the show
Thanks Tango Advisor for your recommendation!
Carla Serena, Bologna, Italy

About the place and the show:
The definition for Piazzolla Tango Show Buenos Aires is Cozy Theater. Hidden, under a fantastic old comercial gallerie, this place is the beautiest Tango Theater. You arrive to Piazzolla Tango going down a huge red stairs to find and old lobby that starts your travel in time to Tango belle epoque’s times. Balconies with golden lions and sculptures, red courduroy and a nice stage. Highly suggested the Vip balconies for enjoy the show in a round table.
Piazzolla Tango, stained-glasses, red courduroy and all the charm of good Tango.

The Show at Piazzolla Tango: It is focused in bring a vibrant and pure Tango style, with the neccesary figures for seduce, but always preserving the tanguerean essence that enhances the origin of this dance. The groupal movements are perfectly sinchronized and each couple shines in the individual playings, specially in the Tango to floor, played at the accurate rythm that allows to see as the dancers skills as the beat of the dance itself. There are only a few of shows with this quality of dancers. The Orchestra of Piazzolla Tango Show perfectly know to walk on classic themes of Tango and also those of the “heretic of Tango”, Astor Piazzolla, an innovator that fussioned jazz and added new instruments to redefine the Tango. There is a before and an after Piazzolla. Singers are just brillant, gifted with a nice voice tone and graceful that adds colour to the show, which also includes inland’s dances in the exact meassure, with a theatrical stile and appropiatelly refined.

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

Full Menu*


- Caesar Salad: Croutons, flakes of parmesan with fowls bits and Caesar dressing.
- Traditional “Empanadas Porteñas”filled with chopped meat and Chicken.
- Pumpkin soup with croutns and slices of parmesan cheese.

Main Courses
- Beef  “de Chorizo” (sirloin) Accompanied with meshed potato aromatize with thymus, confit cherries tomatoes and criole sauce.
- Home – Made Spinach Ravioli with tomato sauce and basil.
- Larded Poultry with green olives, pork bacon, cheese, mustard and  vegetable risotto.

- Tasting of Creme Caramel (orange, milk caramel and chocolate)
- Coconout Pudding
- Mousse of passion fruit ice cream and white chocolate soup
- "Marquise" Panna cotta and mix berries ice cream.

Sodas & Mineral Water
Wines: Red or White
Wineries: Trapiche
VIP Menu


- Rolls of Smoked Salmon with wild arugula and Philadelphia cheese.
- Brochette of Chicken with balsanic vinegar, mustard, and honey, on a small salad of buds and confected cherries.
- Marinated Prawn coated in panko, with thai sauce at chef’s style.

Main Courses

- Tenerloin Steak tenderize with herbal oils, acompanied with slides of potatoes and "piquillo" pepper filled with ricotta and cheese.
- Pink Salmon accompanied by a red pepper sauce.
- Sauteing Tagliatelle with Crudaiola on black olives, caper, tomatoes concassées and a bouquet of rocket.


- Chocolate Parfait with mandarin compote and milk caramel on top of a biscuit cheese.
- Custard Degustation (orange, chocolate and milk caramel).
- Coconut Pudding
- Passion fruit ice cream mousse and white chocolate soup.
- Cocked Marquise with panna Cotta and mix berries ice cream..


Sodas & Mineral Water
Wines: Red or White
Wineries: Trapiche 

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

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