Esquina C. Gardel

Tango Dinner Show Buenos Aires Carlos Gardel special offer

Rates (Book from here!):
Show Only:                                 USD   39,90* 

Dinner Show: USD 134,90 Now USD  64,90* 

Vip Show:
                                  USD  74,90* 

Vip Dinner Show:
                         USD 114,90* 

Round Shuttle Included for Recoleta, Downtown and San Telmo
*Get this special rate and free private transfer to the place instead of the standard free transfer!
Ask therms and conditions. Hurry up! Limited seats!

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Basic Information about Esquina Carlos Gardel:

8.30 pm dinner, 10.10 pm show
Pick up:
for Recoleta, Downtown and San Telmo
Duration: 1,40 hours
Pay in:
: 300 seat people
7 musicians on stage

Suggested Menu:
Mozzarella di bufala rolls with seasoned Parma Ham, tomato and olive
Roasted vegetables, cured ham, bocconcini, and black olives with almond pesto
Grilled Angus baby beef sided with potatoes browned in rosemary butter
Marinated pork roulade with coleslaw and scallion salad
Chocolate mousse with caramel decorations
(See at the bottom all the menu, typical food included)
Tango Dinner Show Buenos Aires Carlos Gardel special offer

Customer references for Esquina Carlos Gardel:
“The cost of the tango dinner was paid directly to the restaurant which included transportation to and from our hotel.  Senor Piera from Tango Advisor had arranged with the restaurant for tables in the front row of the stage. The show and dinner were excellent.  He also showed up at the restaurant to meet us and make sure we were pleased.  There was no charge for this tango dinner service”
Bernie Breen, Florida, Usa

See-the-movie-customer references-to_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

About the Place and the Show:
La Esquina Carlos Gardel buenos aires tango show (Carlos Gardel’s corner) is  placed in a very portenean neighbourhood, the Abasto, where Carlos Gardel, the best Tango singer lasted his chilhood and youth. He was a frequent visitor of the “Chanta Cuatro”, the cabaret where it is built this current Tango Theatre. The Abasto, tanguerean and gangsters (malevos) land, houses the sculpture done by the city to the “Abasto brunet”, the “Creole thrush”, Mr Carlos Gardel. Of course this sculpture is located in the door of Esquina Carlos Gardel, honouring the relationship between the place and the Singer.  This luxury Theater is decorated at 20’s Cabaret style. Esquina Carlos Gardel have large tables in a nice space with perfect acoustic and visibility. All the details are cared and the waiter’s service is impeccable, friendly and correct. Esquina Carlos Gardel merges History with Service and of course with First Quality Tango. Also fine souvenirs.

The Show of Esquina Carlos Gardel:
The dance couples offers a perfect armony between Stage Tango and Tango Floor, each single play is a picture that will remain forever in memory because of its beauty.

The ensemble performances are accurate and with the exact dosis of acting. The Orchestra of Esquina Carlos Gardel resounds leaded by a young skillfull violinist lady. Each member shows his skills with perfect performances. The singer brings a well-finished Gardelian style supported as by the theater work as by the strong voice flow. The female singer is absolutelly tempestuous and captivates the Public in all her brilliant plays. Many nights and old couple with international background brings lovely steps composing a "milonga". Esquina Carlos Cardel is fully advisable because the quality of each part perfectly fits with the group in order to bring an unforgettable Tango Show.

Full Menu:

Cold appetizers
Mozzarella di bufala rolls with seasoned Parma Ham, marinated fresh tomatoes petals and olive basil
Tenderloin carpaccio with lime vinagrette, fresh rocket salad, crystallized tomatoes sheets of cheese  and capers
Crab remoulade in guacamole cous cous and sarmoriglio sauce with three citric sauces

Hot appetizers
Homemade chopped meat baked turnovers (Empanadas)
Fresh vegetable soup with focaccia bread
Abasto hors d’oeuvre: roasted vegetables, cured ham, bocconcini, and black olives with almond pesto
Cornpaste soup aromatized with thyme
Patagonian prawn wrapped in bacon  with tomato tartare and coconut cream (Vip Menu)

Main courses
Angus Cattle sirloin strip steak, with potatoes rissole stle and hot tomato cherry
Season fish on nori seaweed risotto, black olive powder covered with mango sauce
Organic grilled chiken with croquette potatoes, lemon and butter with herb plus cherry tomatoes
Grilled Angus baby beef sided with grilled potatoes seasoned with rosemary butter
Marinated pork roulade with coleslaw and salad of scallion
Farm chicken filled with roasted peppers,
mousseline of potatoes coverde with barbecue sauce
Penne rigate with crudaiola sauce and bocconcini
Atlantic salmon joined by almond-flour, mushroom portobello slices pickled lemon butter (Vip Menu)
Angus roasted sirloin steak, puff-pasted potatoes and tomato and chilli butter (Vip Menu)

Traditional Argentine desserts tasting:
a. "Vigilante" (Watchman): slice of cheese with a slice of sweet potato jam
b. Small homemade custard seasoned with toffee sauce and dulce de leche (soft caramel)

c. Ice-cream with almond garrapiñada (roasted caramelized almonds)
Chocolate mousse with caramel decorations
Chocolate mousse on breton biscuit and pistacchios syrup (Vip menu)

Water, sodas, beer & Coffee
San Felipe Wine (red or white)
Rutini Cabernet Malbec (Vip Menu)
Rutini Sauvignon Blanc (Vip Menu)
Glass of sparkling wine for a toast (Vip Menu)

Tango Dinner Show Buenos Aires Carlos Gardel special offer

Get_Your_Buenos_Aires_Tango_Show_Tickets_With_Discount_or Advice_for_Esquina_Carlos_Gardel

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